Monday, February 4, 2008

The Board Game Geek: Updated.

Well, through a stupid mental strugle I decided that it was really the right first action I made to leave the geek. I really don't want to but more than not wanting to leave that community I don't want to be treated like a dog by that community, which is what happened. I linked my blog and reprinted it there and it was censored by the moderator.

I was censored for the use of the word 'dickwad' and the linking to Penny Arcade (see my first post) and calling the users of the geek dickwads, which I didn't do. This was basicaly enacting exactly what this theory indicates happens with internet anonymity, the moderator message could not be replied to and did not indicate which moderator put on his goose stepping boots. I find that dozens of individuals are allowed to be offensive and inconsiderate on the geek, but you aren't allowed to call them out on it. Effecitvely members of the moderation team are nazis and want to control the content rather than moderate the content. Incidentally the word moderator means 'to moderate' and moderate means: "kept or keeping within reasonable or proper limits; not extreme, excessive, or intense". Ah, while the idea that I am not within proper limits, extreme, excessive, and/or intense is pleasing in it's own right this really wasn't so. The actual problem was the concern I might run off the dickwads, and you see, they make donations. Again we see community and ethics sacrificed for money. I almost donated 30 dollars to become a 'supporter' on the geek, glad I didn't because that would move me into the realm of wasting money and I've got better things to waste it on.

Ask me about a coin sometime, lets just say they have the wrong side up.

To be fair I did send a farily irate email to Aldie, the maker of the geek, whom I still assume is a decent person be it man or woman but ultimately i'm sure they are too busy to worry about one dissentor when there are so many cows and, well, dickwads, moving about the pasture. I'll go find green grass again and i'm sure before long it will be ruined.

This is why I have this blog, there is only one dickwad. Me.

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