Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Aggression Rules for Warhammer Fantasy

My group is majorly back into warhammer fantasy. We missed it alot, it is a solid game for us and is always fun. We are older now and less obsessive with WYSIWYG rules so we have an easier time with the play of the game. As such, we also modified some of the rules, HOUSING them as it were to improve them to our style. This is a presentation of a new rule that i'm going to reveal to my group the next game night but i'll also post our turning rules below. I got the Agression rules from DBA and it's modified a little so it's not completely theft, just mostly theft.


Anyway, Agression works like this. Each army has an aggression factor that indicates the number of dice that are rolled before battlefield set up. The army that rolls the highest dice (not cumulative score) is the Attacker, the other is the Defender.

The Defender gets to set up the terrain on the table and also gets one fortified position, this could be a wall or a building with a unit already in it but they have to set up their entire army first. On top of that the Attacker gets to pick his table edge to come in from (which is done before terrain set up) and after the battle field is built but before the defenders deploy he gets to shift a number of pieces of terrain equal to his army's aggression score. This is representative of the defenders picking the best possible place to hold off the foe figuring in the speed of the attackers approach, you don't always get what you want but you take the best you can get. Normal terrain rules must be maintained when the attacker moves the elements and it is best if no more than 1 element is on the table for ever 2 square feet (or 4 on our game board of four feet by four feet).

The idea behind this system is to give a feeling of an attacker and a defender, different from a meeting engagement kind of battle. This also will mean that more apparently aggressive armies, such as daemons and orcs will be the attackers more which fits their theme. Below i've listed the agression scores for each army as I see them in alphabetical order:

Beasts of Chaos: 3
Brettonnia: 1
Daemons of Chaos: 3
Dark Elves: 2
Dwarfs: 1
Empire: 1
Giants & Dogs of War: 2
High Elves: 2
Hordes of Chaos: 3
Lizardmen: 2
Ogre Kingdoms: 2
Orcs & Goblins: 2
Skaven: 2
Tomb Kings: 1
Vampire Counts: 2
Wood Elves: 1

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