Saturday, May 10, 2008

I forgot to tell you...

...about the turning house rules we use.

Well, maneuvering house rules we use for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

The rules are written where when a regiment of soldiers wants to turn, but not do a 180 or 90 degree turn, they wheel. Wheeling involves one of the front corners remaining stationary while the other angles around until the front is facing the way you want it to. This sounds easy but when measuring it out its really kind of a bitch to do. So the Dirty Gnomes, endeavoring always to increase fun and decrease Lizardking's bitching levels have house ruled it just like this;

All infantry regiments receive two wheels during the course of their movement be it a walk, march, or charge. All cavalry regiments receive three wheel maneuvers during the course of their movement. These do not affects the total available forward movement the unit has at the beginning of its movement and these wheels are not affects by difficult terrain although they are by blocking terrain as normal.

Now, arguably this makes all the regiments move faster, but, since everything basically gets to move just the same amount faster it isn't a big deal. What it does do is cut down on the time it takes to move a unit of my saurus cavalry from point a, to point b, wheel, then to point c. It also serves to incfrease the over all tactical movement of the game while preventing it from taking on the aspects of a skirmish game.

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