Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Haunted Castle

In my home town there is a Krogers (big surprise there) and at one point in this Krogers was an arcade game called Haunted Castle...

...and what a fine game it was too. It is clearly a modification of the Castlevania franchise and as it sports the Konami logo it is an authorized modification. But that aside I played this friggin game for hours on end, standing before the cabinet, whipping whipping whipping the shit out of anything that got in my way. I got good enough at the game that I could beat it on only two quarters, which is to say one continue, and that was something grand for me.

As you can see it was a platformer with a variety of gothic horror settings and it consisted of six levels each ending in a boss. I'm pretty sure there was a mummy and a frankenstein but otherwise the only I remember clearly is a HUGE coal monters that was so large only its head and one hand (the one he was trying to beat your ass with).

There was jumping and swinging and so on but he level effect that I still remember was on the first level. About half way through you encounter a wal that is about the same height as your character and a strong wind starts blowing it at you in pieces. Alot of players had problems with this but it had a very clear pattern that is you watched you could easily bypass it. That little piece of game has stuck with me for twenty years though.