Monday, February 9, 2009

Update on the project

Okay, the evil army is based on new bases appropriate to the game rules. Also, i've changed the composition of both armies because I wanted there to be a little more than there was originally AND I figured out I was misreading some of the rules.

The basing is nothing special, I just used thin card board and after playing the game a few times if I like it I'll add some flocking and touch up the paint on the miniatures. Over all I want this to be a relatively cheap project as it kind of falls into the realm of recycling old game bits.

The new armies look like this...

Good army:
Winged Lizartole Hero with magic sword and magic plate armor
Elf Cleric Hero with magic staff and magic chainmail and 6 MA of spells
8 Centaurs with studded armor, small shields, and two-handed axes
3 Eagles (really big ones)
5 Elf Warrios with leather armor, swords, and bows

...over all we are looking at two solid heroes with some fair magic leading into battle a fair sized unit of centaurs, a small contingent of archers, and some flying support...

Evil Army: Winged Lizartole Hero with magic staff, magic robes, and 4 MA of necromancy
Chimeric Worm a beast with three heads that can breath fire
20 Zombies packing nothing but anger
5 Wolves
6 Human Mercenary Archers with leather armor, swords, and bows

...again a solid hero that isn't quite as strong as his opponents but he has a three headed fire breathing worm working with him. The zombies will take a while to kill but they are not particularly deadly themselves. The wolves and archers are some solid support.

Both of these armies are pretty different primarily in the hero department. The evil lizartole will need to be very careful not to get corned and let his Chimeric Worm do some damage before diving in himself.

Well, hopefully the next post will have pictures of the assembled forces...


  1. I was wondering if you ever got in any games of Magic & Monsters?
    I have just ordered Martin Hackett's book (well both actually, the 1990 book and the 2007 book). I can't really seem to find ANYTHING about this anywhere, besides here.

  2. Actually, yeah I have and I just haven't really reported it. I've played the system four or five times and I think a lot of it. I'll make my next post about the games I've played.

    I can't find anything about it on the web either, and that is what prompted me to put this up. His terminology is dated but the actual application of rules is really smooth and fun.

  3. My copy of Magic & Monsters from 1990 arrived yesterday. I have already read probably 50% of it and skimmed through the other 50%. It is a real fun read.
    The mass battle rules look like they will be alot of fun, though I do hope that a few parts of it are cleared up in the 2007 book I still hvae coming.
    I can't wait to hear about your games.
    I am planning to give the game a small solo try either tomorrow or Monday.