Tuesday, November 3, 2009

March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December...January 5th.

Hmmm... I haven't posted on this blog in a very long time... mostly because I've been very busy and i'm 99.9% sure that no one reads this beyond me.

Well, I'm going to start using it as a wargame journal and try to track both my unpainted minis and my painted minis. As well as try to journal some of my wargame battles for myself.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles is probably my biggest collection of miniatures from any one manufacturer. I have a nice lizardmen army from the...third maybe...set of rules where they were introduced. Allow me to outline the order of battle for you.

Quetzapopalotl, Slann mage-priest; he varies in power according to the edition of the rules and the available options but primarily he is approximately 25% of my army points. He is well worth the expenditure as both a quality general and the most powerful wizard on the table (I have yet to see his magic truly challeneged).

Saurus scar veteran mounted on a cold one; sometimes he makes an appearance, sometimes he doesn't. The determining factor is if I know I need a fast footed hero or if I need the points in common scaly soldiery.

Skink chief on foot; he is rarely fielded, but on occaison I need someone to accompany the skink skirmishers with a surprise magic item.

Saurus warriors; two different units of the first edition plastics one unit of 16 and one of 20 both with hand weapons and shields. The unit of 16 accompanies Quetzapopalotl onto the battlefield which makes them effectively a 20 lizard unit in ranks and combat factors.

Skink skirmishers; I have three dozen first edition plastic skinks with daggers and short bows. The current edition of the rules don't allow for skinks with short bows, only blow guns. But I'm a wargamer not a rules monger so I just say screw it and treat the blowgun entry as shortbows. Saves me head aches and none of my opponents ever care. These guys typicaly make an appearance as either one huge unit or two sizeable ones, or one smaller one. I commonly use them as flankers or screeners and they never make a huge impact but are always threatening.

Cold one riders; a unit of 8 of the first plastic saurus cold one riders. They are my fastest unit and I am impatient so it is not surprising that I commonly pick something across the table and charge at it. With such good leadership and the cold blooded rule they tend to hold their ground well.

Kroxigors; three in number, two of the first edition metals and one second addition metal acting as my ancient. They aren't used so often but they do look nice on the table and combined with the skinks as a skirmishing screen they tend to get someplace, even if they don't do much.

Jungle swarms; three bases of giant spiders, the old plastic spiders from the warhammer quest game. Now all swams are snakes and lizards but when the rules first came out spiders were also part of the show. They, again, don't do much but they do absorb alot of attacks to kill off. They can't screen though.

Salamander hunting packs; two packs of the original salamanders (meaning four skink handlers each) that are always fielded since they are my cannons. The way salamanders work have changed with every edition and the current (sixth I think) is by far the least attractive imho.

Stegadon; the first edition, which was very challenging to assemble. He is the largest model i've painted to date and he is in every battle. More of a psychological weapon than anything else he typically lasts the entire battle and does a fair amount of damage to a single unit. The great bow, while super cool, never really does significant damage.

I've got about 3,000 points in total in the force and they are all painted and based (okay, except a bag of more skinks but they are just extras). I have been playing this army since 2000 and have lost tons with it, in fact the first year I lost every single match (against an amazing number of Brettonian knights, bah). But, now that i've expanded my understanding of tactics and come to understand my froces I've turned that around and now basicaly own the table. None of my opponents have played the same army as long as I have and I think the many loses have given me an advantage over them.

I'll post pictures of them as soon as I take some.