Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been in my xbox alot recently (if its constant appearance on the xbox live box above was no indication). I find the quick play of the rounds and the friends in my headset to be addictive, it rocks really, kind of like having adrenaline pumped into your head.

Well... not always. Alot of the time it's like having someone throw a dead dog at you. It doesn't really hurt you but it hurts your feelings and makes you angry.

But I digress. Last night I played a match on Wasteland that scored me the best record so far in either MW2 or MW1... a NINTEEN AND ZERO. I commonly average a 1 to 1, actually I think my K/D was 1.14 last time I checked. So I give a little better than I get. But my highest streak before last night was 13, which was pretty good for me. I do have a couple friends who suck and have a 30 and 36 streak which means I hate them in a sense but I do okay. I'm rarely a hindrance to my team mates.

WELL, the 19-0 was truly due to three things, in no particular order they are:

1) my own patience. Rather than run into the frontline over and over I sat back with a thermal scoped ACR and waited for the motherf*&rs to come around that big impenetrable hedge. They did so frequently (nineteen times) and I was pleased with that.

2) The GUY behind me. From the start of the match some dude say back with a sniper rifle, who he didn't kill I got and vice versa for much of the match. I owe him thanks and an apology for not seeing the sneaky S.O.B. that put it to him. I did get revenge right afterward though. If you're reading this (likely not), thank you muchly.

3) My Opponents. I really appreciate that they kept coming around the hedge, mostly the same side of the hedge, which made it easy to kill them. A couple got in me and my unknown buddy's perimeter but they got killed for it.

Now, astute MW2 players will realize I should have gotten some kill streaks, at least two, possible three. I did, these were: UAV (used immediately), Care Packaged (used later and got a UAV... thank you so much care package), and an AC-130. You would think a goodly number of those kills were from the AC-130 and you would be dead wrong. ONE of the kills was, because as soon as I got it they clumped in a corner I couldn't pan over to get them and they blew my shit out of the air. So, no help there really.

I would like to thank my team mates that game, whomever they are, as it was a great game for me. I would like to apologize to the enemy, whomever they were, for all the bullets I put into them. But you did blow my damn plane out of the sky so you had it coming.

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