Saturday, January 9, 2010

Age of Conan

I don't think i've mentioned this before, which is odd considering...well...ME; but I am a MASSIVE Conan fan. Not a material fan, I don't need all of the busts and action figures and so forth and don't actually have all the writings but to me the writings by Robert E. Howard are the quintessential fantasy writings (above Mr. Tolkein even).

For Chrismas my wife, the amazingly lovely and intelligent woman she is, got me the Age of Conan board game from Fantasy Flight Games. I have wanted this game since its launch in 2008 and it is just a fabulous game. It is effectively a strategy game where player use war and diplomacy (in a mechanical sense) to become the mightest empire in (half) of Hyboria. Meanwhile, Conan wanders about on his adventures and may be used to aid or penalize player actions. The mechanics are fairly easy to grasp but the strategy seems deeper, especially effective use of the Cimmerian adventurer.

The most interesting mechanic imho is the fate dice, where the next seven actions are decided for the players. Effectively controlling their options while being flexible enough to let different strategies be formed to win the game.

I'm really looking forward to getting a few guys together to play and see how it works with four minds digging in instead of just one. :)

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