Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And Ettin and a Dragon...

... and a few others as well. I'm going to try to photograph and post some of my finished work in an effort to... to I don't know what... just to do it. So here goes...

First up is an Ettin (on a pool table with a storage box as back drop) from Reaper Miniatures. I got this at a now closed local comic book store and I painted it up about three months ago. On its back is a pig slung with rope, dinner I guess, and that made me paint the flesh very tan and dirty so the pink pig would stick out.

He will likely be used in a skirmish game as a boss monster or maybe added to some fantasy army ideas I have. I've been toying around with using the Warhammer rules but allowing for a greater diversity of models. I'm not sure on points but I'm sure I can rig something up.

Next is a dragon from an unknown (to me at least) manufacturer. I decided on a blue color scheme because I like blue, really thoughtful huh? I like the way pink tongue stands out from the blue and to me it looks like he just woke up and is yawning more than that he's roaring, but who knows. Again this will likely be either a skirmish piece or a smaller dragon for a Warhammer-esh game.

The skeletal centaur and rat riding goblin knights are from Rackham. None are based, simply because I haven't gotten around to it yet. Rackham miniatures are extremely detailed and to be honest I did not try to give these guys 'museum' quality paint work, I was just happy to have them painted for gaming. :)

Well, next up I hope to post some pictures of my Lizardmen army with all its 'classic' models.

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