Sunday, January 24, 2010

AT-43 Divergence

I did play the Magic & Monsters game but I wanted to take a moment to comment on another game; AT-43 from Rackham.

This weekend I got to see the Cogs in action and I have to say, i'm concerned with the sanity of the guys at Rackham. I play an inadequate force of Red Blok and I do not believe they will hold up very long to the Cogs that my friend has. He has the new army box, 2,000 ap of kick ass, he it seems very kick ass. Each of the soldiers is capable of setting forth a withering hail of projectiles, to the point that is you combine it with their accuracy scores i'm starting to wonder if there is some nasty power creep going on. I have no problem with accuracy, I have problem with TABLE LENGTH accuracy.

I don't really have a problem with the power of the units, it is just that I feel there should always be a chance to fail and in AT-43 you can be close enough or using a powerful enough attack that you can automatically succeed. There are numerous stories of soldiers surviving impossible explosions unscathed and of eagle-eyed marksmen missing an easy target.

I believe THIS is actually the unbalancing factor of the game itself.


  1. I miss AT-43. I have my Apes but no one to battle anymore.

  2. Shame you don't live in southern Ohio. My Red Blok are always up for a challenge. And since they aren't built very well they are ALWAYS challenged. :)