Saturday, January 16, 2010

HACKETTing again

Well, I find myself in a maelstrom of desires in regards to my hobby. Let me explain, no it is too long, let me sum up: confrontation, warhammer, hordes of the things, at-43, neil thomas (and all his works), battle lore, age of conan, rise and fall of the third reich, etc etc...

... and finally Martin Hackett's fantasy war game.

I have played a few games with the rules but unfortunately I did not either take photos or write any notes to report the events of the battle. I could recall spotty events but I think it probably serves the rules set better to discuss the over all feel of the rules and things that stood out to me and my opponent. As a disclaimer my opponent had never participated in miniature war gaming before and I have played hundreds of matches so you're getting a pretty spread opinion here.

1/ Writing Orders- this was the first time I had ever used this rule and I have to say in all games it was nice. Some players prefer the omniscient knowledge of seeing things unfold before making decisions. Having to commit my forces to action for the turn without any knowledge more than what happened so far in the game was refreshing. I think it would only truly work with players who enjoyed that though and I would recommend against trying to make it a regular rule.

2/ Combat- rolling only percentile dice to determine how effective your unit is in combat and how many your enemy loses is wonderful. I can totally see myself incorporating this into Warhammer Fantasy using a similar table based on weapon skill and toughness.

3/ Morale- Hackett recommends against using morale rules citing that the great fantasy stories how armies hold the field against insurmountable odds. Not accounting for morale changed the game for me as I could commit my large zombie unit into battle with a superior foe knowing they would not run (or crumble) and hold a position for a few turns allowed me to risk some daring tactical maneuvers.

4/ Magic- Hackett's magic is a little weird, mostly the names, but it is useable. some of the spells require you to have terrain to place but if you're willing to fudge some or be prepared I found that this could really create some exciting battles. Calling up a pit directly in front of an enemy heavy infantry unit really helped, they had to march their butts around it and that gave me time to get some support troops up.

5/ Heroes- I used this term to describe how by Hackett's rules any soldier with a high enough defense factor is not a unit soldier but fielded independently. This means that there can be numerous heroic solos moving about the battlefield meeting in single combat or engaging units on their own. This was really fascinating to see how they worked out.

Well, I can't think of more right now so what i'll do is make a promise. I promise to put together another match this weekend and photo it and take notes then get back to you with how it went and more observations.

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