Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American and German Armor

I've been spending the small amount of modeling time I have had available completing a handful of armor for my WWII gaming. These are the finished product, all in profile view.

First is a Tiger tank and it should be noted I am showing you the GOOD side. I hate the airfix rubber track system and always mess them up something terrible. :( In case it wasn't evident I hand painted the icons so if they are wonky have forgiveness.
Next is a Puma armored car which will be used as a Reconnaissance unit in my game. It is an Italeri model and is 1:72 unlike all the others which are 1:76 making him a little big but nothing noticeable.
This is a Panther, obviously, and as with the Puma I did not paint a camouflage patterns and went with a solid color. There was evidence that this was not unheard of during the war so it seemed fine to me....by "fine" i mean less than I can mess up.
Finally my two Shermans. Painting stars is HARD :) I think they are slightly out numbered but that may not remain so long as I have a Revell 1:76 M1 Halftrack waiting for assembly. This should make thinks a little more balanced. Although the German player would have to sink alot of points into his armor to take both tanks and the armored car.

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