Saturday, February 20, 2010

As promised....mostly.

Well, i've got the pictures but I haven't had time to sit down and to the math on the Hackett end of things. May have bitten off more than I can chew. If you have the Hackett rules do them yourself so that when I post them tomorrow or Monday we can compare notes :)

First up is my Skink Brave with a hand weapon and short bow. Starting at the 2nd printing of the Lizardman book they took away the skink's short bow option and limited them to blow guns. I can understand this academically but it annoys me since I have a lot of skinks with short bows. My gaming friends don't mind that my skinks have short bows. This guy doesn't see much action honestly, usually only when I'm playing over 2,000 points or under it.

Next is my Saurus Scar Veteran with a cold one for a mount. As with the Brave he doesn't see much action. He is a nice fast hero character to use but commonly my points are eaten up the stuff you see below.

These are my Jungle Swarms and they aren't lizards are they? Originally Jungle Swarms could also be insects like tarantulas and that is what I made. I don't use them very often but they are great at absorbing hits with a total of 15 wounds in those three stands and the poison attacks makes the a viable threat!

Ah! My Stegadon, the largest war game model I have assembled and painted. He is in every game and always makes a good showing. If you've not gotten to fight against one of these or use one you should if you get the chance. They are solid units with a massive survivability and great threat value.

This is the red salamander (the green is below) and they almost always make it in. The current rules aren't really to my liking and the firs two printing made them more reliable and less random than current, but I'll make due. Their close combat ability has also varied with editions but I have fond memories of their (at the time) poisonous spittle seeping into the armor of Brettonian knights and...we...killing them! :)

These are my Kroxigor, two of the first edition and one of the second (the new ones look really nice) and they are fielded nearly every time. They are just really nice troops to throw at my enemy but they die pretty much every game... but never through flight. The cold blooded rule has saved my bacon more than you can imagine. If I had some javelin and shield armed skinks I could use them with a larger body of troops and maybe save them from the slings and arrows of my enemies.
My Cold One Cavalry is always in the army and always first to contact the enemy. I am quite an impetuous player and to be honest I effectively point them at an enemy unit and fling them as fast as possible at that unit. The combination of the cold one's fear ability and the cold blooded resistance to loosing combat makes them incredibly hardy and effective. They usually don't survive but they always make a mark.

My Skink Skirmishers, none of which are based b/c I always forget to base them. These are old plastic short bow wielding one-piece models. I usually put a huge unit (20 or so) of them in a skirmish line across the front of my army to act as a screen or the same unit off to the flank to rush on the enemy's flank.

My "large" unit of Saurus Warriors (20) are the original plastic saurus that do not have spears and I have never seemed to worry about it. With saurus having two attacks each it's much like they have spears. I would like to get some spears in the future but I'll get around to it when I can.
This is my command unit, 16 Saurus Warriors with my Slann Mage-Priest in their midst. He is an original first run slann and his palanquin bearers have been ditched because of the style of the rules now. With him in their midst they are equivalent to 20 soldiers and his superior magic ability makes this unit the "go to" unit if you want to beat me. Of course "going to" them will require a great sacrifice as the slann's magic will flay the enemy from afar and the saurus will eat them alive up close.

Well, this is my army, I've had it since the year 2000 and I want to finish building units for it. I'd like to get one of everything but only time will tell.

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