Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Bring us a Shrubbery!" ...and a double post.

I am NOT a total slacker but I haven't finished the Hackett Magic & Monsters conversion of my Lizardmen to post yet. I will, I promise, but I was distracted by what you see here and the other post.

From the "Do It Yourself if You're Not a Total Idiot" department we have shrubbery and hedges...

I am usually a utility war gamer, meaning my terrain elements fulfill a service roll first before a visual roll. Well, this shrubbery is not so, it would be difficult to move models around within but it should do a lot towards sparkling up my table. I'm very pleased with them except that the thick card I made them on warped, not a big deal but annoying. They are made from lichen glued to card and flocking added over paint. Not hard to make and it looks good I think!

Hedges are ubiquitous in war gaming and can apply from biblical to sci-fi, which means every gamer should have some. These are simply cuts of green scrubber pads glued to wooden sticks and the sticks painted and flocked. The wood is the craft stick kind which means they are curved on the ends and it makes it real east to join them together.

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