Monday, February 15, 2010

Finished my soldiers!

The previous post showed where I was, now this one is going to show where I am. The attached pictures show the finished American and German stands. They are 1:72 Italeri and IMEX (wait I said that already) and they are based on 60x40mm (ish) bases. Rifle squads are four figures to a stand and special/heavy weapons are two to a stand. I'm planning on (eventually) modeling some paratroopers (I have figures for this) some commandos (I don't have figures for this) and maybe some day I will do some cavalry.

I'm working on rules to accommodate these and I think I already mentioned I bastardized Phil's HotT rules. I recently tried them with a friend of mine, Ron, and it went 'okay' but I'm not sure I'm happy with the results. I think I'm going to write some others with more of a Neil Thomas feel heavily modified how I want them to be. I want something fast play but not too fast and something with some good tactics needed to do well.

ANYWAY, the figures aren't all that well painted BUT they are based nicely with two kinds of flock and some lichen as SHRUBBERY giving them something nice to hide their extra ammo in or drink cozies...what have you. I received a lot of excellent advice from the gents on TMP about the first pictures I put up but I did not actively USE that advice. Odd maybe, but basically my plate is vastly full of war game/modeling projects and I hated to go back over these to make them look better although I am quite sure that it would have made them look better. I might do it later, but not any time soon. I have two Shermans, a Tiger, a Panther and a Puma to get done. And on top of all of that I am also chomping to finish my Malifaux figures (only 7 there) and a 'moite' of Alkemy (only 3 there) and I lack the amazing painting super powers of those buggers I read the blogs of.

And no smart ass remarks about less time reading blogs and more time painting figure. ;)

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