Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Magic & Monsters & LIZARDMEN

Okay, so I've gotten some of them together and let us do some referencing, comparing, and some thinking. Join me shall you?

First lets measure the saurus and skinks. By Hackett they will be classified as "lizartoles" which have a ratio of 1; move of 6; DF of 7; power of 35; agility of 75 and MF of 4. These seem fine stats for the skinks but i'm not so sure they fit saurus so well. Taking this and applying it to my skink skirmishers they have a base points of 7 and a standard hand weapon (dagger) for no points and 2 additional points for having bows that let them shoot bringing them to 9 points apeice. So, my 24 skink skirmishers would total 216 points...BUT according to the M&M rules you can't have a unit larger than 20 so i'll boil them down to two units of 12 for 108 points each unit. Skirmishers? You betcha! Just place them in 'dispersed' formation and bingo, no problem there.

Saurus are harder so I looked through the creature lists, nothing there, and looking further into the rules I found you can really just up the ratio of a creature by 1 per 5 points. The only other aspect of the saurus that bothered me was the power/agility scores. Since they A) have no points cost and B) rarely become an aspect of the play of the game I JUST SWITCHED THEM. It also seemed to me that 5 scaly skin (heavy armor equivalent) would be the same as Scale Armor (+3 DF) and the final out look was 16 points per saurus including shield and make shift weaponry. This though is too much in Defense Factor (a 13) and too much on the points end. So, I down graded the armor equivalent to a +1 from a +3 and the points and DF were now 14/11 effectively. This makes them costly but effective, just like they are in WHFB. The final score would be 20 saurus for 280 points (270 points in WHFB ...hmmmm) and 16 for 224 points.

These four units are a nice chunk of a 1600 point army (712) and seems a good start.

On to something more TRICKSY so quote Golum. Cold One Riders...


  1. So your Saurus have a ratio of 2?
    Those are some "bad men" right there.

    I still have yet to play a game with units larger then 10, with most of my units being the minimum 5 models. I am still playing with 200-300 point armies.

    I am very interested in seeing how you do the points for your cavalry. I cannot seem to figure them out. I have been able to reverse calculate just about all of Hackett's infantry, but his cavalry just throw me for a loop.
    I can't figure out if the 5 points for a "mount that doesn't fight" includes the "model moves more then 9" or not". And I can't figure out if the 10 points paid for a "mount that attacks" pays for the movement, the attack, or what... Hackett's cavalry just wouldn't balance no matter what I tried.

  2. HEY HFO, I just posted a blog about it. It's long winded, forgive me. :)