Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Undead Update

Well, I love undead but you wouldn't know it by the fact that I A) have no undead army for any game and B) have very few undead miniatures in my collection. The best I can figure for this is how I always get fixed on another race of fantasy and how undead models seem so expensive for what you get, in the format of their points value for games.

These are a few undead miniatures I painted up not too long ago, a set of four skeletons from the old Reaper war game boxed set. I can't remember the name of the rules set but it came with a blister of these four 25mm undead and a set of four 25mm dwarfs.

This is the Bloodspire miniature from Reaper Warlord. It is a 28mm scale miniature and if you saw it next to the skeletons it looks MUCH bigger than 3mm.

Scale creep and all that. I painted it with a fairly basic paint scheme, red cloak, metal armor, dead skin, black hair blah blah. But he is serviceable and well worth the time I put into him.

I'm hoping to get some more figuring done for Magic & Monsters as soon as possible. Be patient :)

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