Thursday, March 4, 2010

14 Years of Happiness

Well, if you haven't read my bio then you wouldn't know that I'm married. I've been married now for FOURTEEN years as of two days ago. This is primarily a game and gaming culture blog I know but tolerate if you will a digression into something close to my heart.

I have carried what I like to call a classical view of marriage. It's something you commit to and not bomb out of because it gets a little hard. Anything worth doing in life gets hard at some point and when more than one person is in the mix the 'hardness' of the 'thing' grows EXPONENTIALLY. So marriage is one of the hardest things you'll ever do, if not the hardest, for both you and your spouse and anyone else who is part of the marriage. Every year is like gaining an experience level in first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Everything is against you, your allies are helping the best they can while still maintaining loyalty to their goals, and when you hit that experience point mark its like hitting a jack pot on a one armed bandit.

In a meandering way I was trying to get to this point --> I cannot thank God enough for the woman I married. She is everything I could ever want in a partner. This world is frightening and filled with monsters and dark hall ways but anytime I get a little freaked out just talking with her or just looking at her makes it brighter and I become confident that the monsters rolled all 1's on their hit dice.

The past fourteen years have been the most exciting fourteen years I could have ever imagined, and just like a gluttonous little kid I can't wait for the next fourteen...or twenty eight...or how ever many I can keep my heart beating for.

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