Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As promised...mostly...

Okay, so, I'm going to try to post these pictures of the adventurer miniatures I painted. I can't promise anything b/c I can't figure out how BLOGGER does this and why they make it so hard. :(

First up is a fighter with a great axe. On his back is a sword and shield slung. All six of these are actually metal miniatures of the plastic ones from the old Dungeon board game. You could buy an expansion and get all of the same figures in metal. I've had these for something CLOSE to twenty years and only just painted them last year.

This one I like to think of as a cleric, mostly because he is armed only with a huge spiked club and is wearing something vaguely akin to an Ankh on his fore head. In the early D&D days the Ankh was a common holy symbol used for drawings as it seemed to avoid most religious offenses. Being a devout Christian myself I appreciate old Gary and Dave's desire to respect my (and others) religions. I like this piece a lot, but, I like clerics a lot so that is how it rolls.

This obviously is a dwarf. All of these are in 25mm and are small anyway and he is smaller. I should have taken a comparison photo but I didn't, you'll live I'm sure. His shield is really small though, I can only imagine it was either an after thought for the molder or meant to represent the small metal shield in the old rules.

This appears to be a classic ranger. He is dual wielding a dagger and sword and has a buckler strapped to his off hand. He is wearing what I would call scale mail but really might better bet thought of as studded leather. I dig the plume, you don't see adventurer's sporting plumes anymore.

Very clearly a thief in my book. I painted him with a two color cloak (black on the inside) and he's carrying either a short sword and dagger or pair of long daggers. I'm not much of a face guy, sorry, I'm just not good at painting them. But This serves the purpose admirably I think.

Wizard or unarmored cleric. Really it could go either way but to me he is a wizard. The majority of my model classification is based off from my years of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons experience. So, a dude in a robe with a staff has 1d4 hit points and a single level 1 magic spell in his pocket. If you were part of those days that should bring back cold bursts of sweat and terror. If not, you missed out on some FUN sonny boy.

Well, that is it for this entry. I love this figures and am going to use them for The Fantasy Trip rules (Melee and Wizard). I have a bunch of hero scape and combining these guys with that seems easy peasy lemon squeezy.


  1. Yes, I remember it well. "If you survive, someday you'll get Fireball. Today you have 2 hp and a stick. Roll for initiative."

    Nice work. It's never too late to bring out those old unpainted figures.

  2. Ahhhh, figures from the classic 'Three-stage figures' line...How I miss thee!

  3. @ Jake B. -> Don't forget the dart and sling option. After you've blasted off that magic missile you had better throw something!

    @Michael C -> I'm not familiar with a three stage figures line, I'll have to look that up!

  4. I got these same figures in a blister included in the... the... Dragon Quest(?) board game.
    The game was pretty much 95% Basic D&D, but used premade characters and lots and lots of cards.
    Oh and lots of fold-up thin cardstock stand-ins, if you didn't have minis (which I was only just starting to collect at the time).
    That "Thief" mini was the first mini I ever painted... and looking back at him, I haven't really improved over the years since :)

  5. My friend that Dragon Quest and we never played it but you are dead on with your description. The first mini I ever painted was a Troll, which I still have, and I haven't come much further either. LOL!