Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Okay, so, game night on the 27th brought four gentlemen to my (pool) game table to play my WWII rules bastardized from WRG's HotT and DBA.

It didn't go so well. In practice it was okay but the battle took almost three hours and was undecided. The units would engage regularly but were more tug-of-waring than just war. I was going for a more tactical game play where units could be committed without guarantee of eradication but instead got the opposite...NOTHING WOULD BLOW UP!

Well, I'm taking them back to the drawing board and reworking the combat results. I think I'm going to go for something a little messier but not a lot messier.

Also, I'm still modifying the lizardmen. I haven't had the chance to sit down like I'd like but it will get done.

ALSO I've begun painting up some 1:72 IMEX American Civil War units for Neil Thomas' rules in his book WAR GAMING: AN INTRODUCTION and they aren't all that hard to paint up. THEY AREN'T ALL THAT GOOD EITHER THOUGH. So, I will need to do 24 stands of 3 infantry, 4 stands of 2 cavalry, 4 stands of 2 dismounted cavalry and 2 cannon stands to finish the union and I have 11 infantry stands done with the rest of it 'sticked' up and to be primed black tonight.

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