Monday, March 29, 2010

Hordes of the Things

I've been reading other peoples plays of this game and looking at other peoples stands and units, especially on Tim's blog.. ( ) .. and I am starting to gear up for my own. Being a lizardman kind of lover I will be building a generic reptilian army, but with all due respect to WRG I don't like aspects of their generic. The biggest part that of the list I don't like is all the hordes, I don't feel that reptile armies would have a bunch of hordes, maybe a few in the form of masses of lizards and serpents swarming the enemy but the regular warriors just don't seem to be hordes to me. I think I'll be going with war bands over hordes. I don't think I'll be building this stuff up very quickly but you never know, I am unpredictable. I've got the pieces I need for my first war band, three first edition plastic saurus warriors. One of them has been modified with a new weapon arm from a current set so one will have spears and two will have hand weapons. I don't know if I'll use the basing standards in the rules, I'll use the 60mm frontage but I just don't know if GW figures will fit comfortably on the depths, we'll see.


  1. I did a HOTTs army of lizardmen a couple years back. It was for a in-store campaign that never got started, though we had a blast playing games getting ready for it.
    We used mostly the D&D pre-paints, as the shop had single "commons" for sale for as little as 5 figures in a bag (all the same figure) for a buck.
    I don't recall the exact base sizes, but it was close to the following formula: Take the 15mm base sizes, divide the listed size by 10, then call it inches. So for example, a size listed as 40mm became 4 inches, a size of 25mm became two and a half inches, etc.
    But I used a LOT of hordes for my lizardmen. Somewhere close to half my points were spent on them. I was not (and still not) a very good commander. So the little edge of being able to bring back my lost stands helped keep me in the game long after my break point had been reached (several times over).
    I think my collection was something like:
    1 Behemoth General
    1 Behemoth
    1 Hero
    4-6 stands of Spears
    2-3 stands of Beasts (giant frogs and lizards)
    12-14 stands of Hordes
    1-2 stands of Blades, maybe they were Warbands, I forget now.
    That was my total HOTT army, so it left a bit of options each time I wanted to play. I did lose more then I won... but not by a huge amount, maybe lose 60% and win 40%. Would have lost alot more without all those Hordes.

  2. Wow, you must have been playing with a lot of points. You happen to have any pictures of this army?


    This is the blog for the shop I used to go to before I moved. This should link to the right page, the bottom entry on this page. There is my Lizards vs the store owner's Woodlanders.

    We never played games larger then the standard 24 APs (I think it's 24... been awhile) I just liked to have options on what to field.