Friday, March 26, 2010

Magic & Monsters: Salamander!

Finally! I get to the point of a post from so long ago. It took me a bit to fiddle out the rules for the WHFB Salamander Hunting Pack because I wasn't sure if it should be classified as a war machine with crew or a fire breathing monster. Ultimately I went with neither as you'll see...

First I looked up the stat line for "LIZARD" under the RPG monsters listing as there was no reference in the M&M rules. So, starting it has a move of 30ft, fighting ability of 30, power of 35 and agility of 50 with 10 survival points. Fine, we really only need the move, pow and agility. The move would transfer to a 6 as I'm sure the sale is 5ft per inch.

Second I worked out it's ratio as I just didn't see such a beast having a ratio of only 1 or 2, I decided on five. Now, in Warhammer it 3 attacks but 4 wounds and it seems to me it should be at least as good as an ogre in M&M which has a 3 and a mummy has a 5 so I went with 5 because I believe my salamanders could out fight a mummy at the least.

Well, when it came to the ability of the salamander to spit poison I weighed both the artillery option and the dragon breath option. The dragon breath wasn't too hard to weigh as 60 points seemed like a lot to pay and the salamander doesn't actually breath fire, it spits poison (originally) and I like that idea. But spitting poison doesn't seem very much like artillery either. Rock lobbers, bolt throwers, cannons....none of those seem like great poison spit. I mean, mebbe combustible ammunition that doesn't seem good enough. So, what I finally decided was to consider the salamander as five archers, counting it's ratio five as five ranged attackers paying 2 points for having a bow five times over. That might be confusing but read it again and it won't be any clearer!

So, finally I just tossed in the skinks I figured up earlier at 7 points each for four. I figured that the unit would move and fight in a skirmish formation and would simply fight like any other unit with multiple troops, really just 9 attacks. So the final tally would run...

Salamander - 47 points
4 Skink handlers - 28 points
TOTAL of 75 points.

I forgot to mention above that I assigned the Salamander an arbitrary defense factor of 8. I didn't want anything too high but nothing like a leather clad goblin either. I figure that should be sufficient to give the salamander a fighting chance without making it unconquerable.

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