Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reaper Lizardmen

Continuing my listing of miniatures that I have in my collection and the paint work I've done today's little addition is a set of lizard men produced by Reaper Miniatures (item numbers 06039 and 02408).

Lizard men with spears and a lizard man tyrant as a small war band or nice encounter for a role playing game. I got the blister of lizard men spears from a local comic shop at a discount about two years ago and picked up the tyrant as a leader from last year's Origins where I volunteer. Overall I really like reaper miniatures and I really like their lizard men as I'm something of a lizard man guy. These along with the dwarfs and skeletons in earlier posts were actually a kind of experiment. First I primed all of them white which is not my normal primer choice (black is). I wanted to see if I could paint well on white which is something I really can't do. I rely a lot on the black to shadow and white is unforgiving if you miss something. Second with the exception of the Tyrant all of them were painted using a set of acrylic paints from Walmart, an inexpensive set of paints. I knew their quality would be less than a good pot of model paint but the good pot of model paint is no closer than 55 miles to the north and I don't always have the color I wanted. Over all though I think the paint jobs are suitable for their use, their no museum quality work but they can hold their own on the war games table.

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