Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Union has assembled...

Okay, so, second post tonight. This one references my completed Union army. I am planning on beginning regular games of Neil Thomas ACW rules form is book, War Gaming: An Introduction and this is an 1861 Union army complete. This consists of:

6 units of infantry each consisting of 4 stands a piece for a total of 24 stands and 72 figures.

1 unit of cavalry consisting of 4 stands of mounted figures and 4 stands of dismounted figures for 16 figures.

2 units of artillery each consisting of one stand with a cannon and four crew.

Over all that was a big undertaking for me as I did it all at a single go. Normally I paint between five and ten figures at a time and this caused me to work on it in spurts until it was rapped up. They aren't the best in the world, actually they aren't 'good' at all but they are more than good enough for their purpose. At about three feet away they look decent and they are easy to transport. All of the figures are IMEX 20mm plastics and this was only the second time I've worked with this kind of figure.

The extra pictures are just for different angles. Next up is a Confederate army I've got on the stick to paint. This will be four infantry units, two cavalry units, and one artillery. I'll post those too when I'm done.


  1. decent enuff. hard to find good ACW in 20mm. Most everyone I kno' have 15s'.Those scale units would work well in 28s'IMHO.

  2. Well, the pants are supposed to be a lighter blue and if you're holding one they are. I think I needed to make them even LIGHTER than they are. I might go back and repaint them. This should make the jackets look darker.

  3. I have those same infantry (but bought under a different name, can't remember what).
    I need the artillery and cavalry though.
    I have yet to decide what to do with them. The only rules I have to use them with is THW's Colonial Adventures, but I already have some of the Perry brothers 28mm plastic ones done up for that.
    I have been contemplating writing up both some historic and sci-fi mods for Magic & Monsters, maybe... just maybe...

  4. I think historic rules from the Magic & Monsters would be easy and good. The way I have these based might not work out just right but it could be scrunched into working.