Friday, April 9, 2010

Another stroll down memory lane.

A brief one, but, did you ever have any of Arco's "The Other World" play sets? Bendy plastic figures with wire in them. Little guys that were one piece molds. Strange and fantastic creatures to ride. I had only one set as far as I can remember and truthfully it might have been a rip off as I can't find a picture of it. Mine had a dude, and a wolfman, and some of the little guys. It also had the prerequisite weapons racks and glow in the dark weapons.

I had completely forgotten this existed until coming across an ebay sale for a rip off of Arco's "Monsters & Dragons" line of monster in my pocket style toys. That lead to searches for Arco and all the other stuff. I wish some manufacturer would re-issue these puppies or at the very least come out with something similar..../sigh.

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  1. I don't believe we ever had any of those growing up. But I bet my daughter and I would really get a kick out something like those now a days.