Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dragon Dice, Where My Hobby Is, and What is Coming...

Hello loyal READER (freakout) allow me to fill your eyes with a beautiful picture. Gleaned from the forums at The Acaeum ( is a photograph someone took of a set of dice in their collection. These happen to be the exact same set of dice that were the first dice I ever purchased. I can still remember that day, not in vivid detail but I can still remember it. I won't bore you with all the details but needless to say it was after visiting an arcade and it was in a book store. I imagine there are hundreds, if not thousands, with a memory similar to mine. Kind of like an abductee even eh?

I'm n early done with my Confederate army and when they are done I'll photo them and put them up. I'll also try to get a game in with them and the Union and post a battle report and give you some thoughts on Neil Thomas' rules for ACW.

I've been thinking about messing around with the D&D pre-paints and posting some M&M stats, if I get around to it.

But, mostly, I just want to get some painting done and make sure my boys get to all their soccer practices on time.

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  1. I remember my brother having several sets of those. I don't think he ever did much with them until he got into the TSR Marvel Super Heroes Game. That was always very fun. We never played it as the RPG it was intended. We played it very much like what that Hero Clicks game is today. We would each select a team of three or four characters and just have them slug it out.
    Oh I miss those days. That dice pic brought up some fond memories having nothing to do with the first dice I bought... :)