Friday, April 23, 2010

Mud Dice

I have a friend, an old friend meaning he is both old(er than me) and a friend as well as a friend for many years, who called the old soft-ish plastic dice from our role playing youth "Mud Dice".

I'm not sure where the term comes from and a thorough (fifteen second) internet search finds the term only in use by the oldest of gamers implying it was a term they developed for use that has not been canonized in any way.

I love these dice, I've always loved them and not just because they remind me of the good parts of my childhood (along with stabbing fallen leaves with a broken driveway reflector and burying a dead bird to dig up its skeleton later) but because of their nature. It's not the crayon-in numbering, although that is cool, it's the IMPACT they have. Modern dice are great and sturdy and will not round off on the corners or loose their numbering BUT they roll HARD. It can be like dropping a fist full of rocks on a thin glass sheet!

I'm a war gamer now and have left role playing behind which means I roll MORE dice than I did before and when you're throwing down six or seven d6'ers and they bounce every which way and that and into the other player's pile of dice and off the table and dislodge some trees and roll under a piece of armor AND GET CAUGHT ON THEIR CORNER...I just long for the softer, less bouncy "mud dice".

I've got a few still, but not many, and I think I'm going to rectify this when I go to Origins next. There is usually some vendor there selling a newer version of the mud dice, not quite as... "muddy" but close enough for my purposes I think. OF COURSE, if you want to donate your old mud dice to the Adept Gamer Active Use Gaming Museum then I'd be happy to provide you with a mailing address ;)

As an aside, I've still not gotten tot he rest of the Confederates although they mock me daily now. I've also got a game night coming up this weekend and we should be playing either/or/both Uncharted Seas/Warmachine Mark 2 and I'll endeavor to produce a battle report so you can observe my unyielding awesome generalship...or mock me, which ever  you feel moved to do.

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  1. I've got a few I don't need that are in reasonably good shape (one each of a D6, D8, D10, and D12). If you would like them, email me your address and I'll send 'em your way.

    --Ivan DBA from TMP.