Saturday, April 17, 2010

OH... MY... GOSH!

I really don't understand what my problem is by daggone I wish I could BUCKLE down and finish these friggin confederate soldiers! They are just about done; something like eight to ten infantry bases to paint and the 16 cavalry to finish which are 80% done. THEY'VE BEEN THIS WAY FOR TWO WEEKS!

What, oh what is my problem.

As an aside I "did" a 5K today. My first. I am a middle-ish aged over weight man and the walk/run combination of the 5K was hard on me. I've been increasing my exercise significantly so it wasn't a 'cold start' so to speak but I am sore as all-get-out.

I probably couldn't have done it as well as I did without the help of a coworker, I got him a "wolf shirt" for Christmas last year. Without mercy I post it here now :)

I will be getting those confederates done though b/c I have a bunch of Infinity to paint up for a friend.

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  1. Awesome work on the 5k run! I've recently started running too so I can appreciate the massive effort that it takes.