Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vancian Magic... my fix.

 The problem with Vancian magic system is it is brutal to the first level magic-user. One spell of his several is all he can ready and this old argument goes on for another three or four sentences. You know the drill and if you don't then Google it you'll get plenty.

ANYWAY there are a lot of fixes out there, but this is the one I used to use when I was a Dungeon Master. The Wizard's Staff. In effect it doubles the spell slots of a caster, he can store in the staff an equal number of spells as he can prepare daily. The staff is considered a minor magic item that is breakable with a 50% chance of a retributive strike when broken either by accident or intent.

The spells stored in the staff expire after sun set or sun rise, which ever comes first, and they cannot be dispelled but must be cast to remove them from the staff before then.

While this doesn't give a first level magic-user a lot more to work with (one spell I know) it does give him just a tad more and it does grant geometric growth related to spell preparation increases. So, at level 2 they have four spells, six at level 3 and so forth. It's not a perfect fix but I feel it also adds some aesthetic to the magic-user and illusionists classes.

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