Friday, May 7, 2010

In The Labyrinth... Shadowhunter Bats and Poison

Second installment of In The Labyrinth 4E D&D encounters....

As with the previous installment this details a single encounter for four level 1 characters, this encounter is an EL2. The party could enter from any of the three blue arrow locations. The specific features in the area that matter are;
  • Statues: there are four of these in small alcoves. Each depicts a dragonborn fighter clad in decorative full plate armor including open faced helmet and holding a great sword, point down, with both hands on the pommel. The statue in the south west alcove has the sword broken about half way up the blade and the three pieces are laying in the dust of the floor. 
  • Doors: there are three sets of double doors, all made of some dark and sturdy wood and in fair condition for their age. The chamber doors are equipped with hooks and bars to lock them, from the outside, for what ever reason may be.
  • Secret Door: the south east statue has a secret door behind it and it can be found and unlocked with a DC 30 perception check. 
  • Pools: the chambers each have an eight foot square pool that is four feet deep. The pools are filled with stagnant water that has a thin layer of slime. It can be drank though and will not harm the characters, although it may be particularly nasty tasting.
The area should seem mysterious to the party with a lot of seeming purpose but nothing clearly defined or obviously dangerous. Lurking in the north east room are three shadowhunter bats, resting, and without evidence of how they reached the inside of the chamber with the doors closed. They will awaken if the chamber is disturbed but as they are resting in the shadows, and very likely to be unnoticed (DC 20 passive perception to see) they may surprise the party, their shadow camouflage nature giving them an advantage. All are mostly well fed and they will attack out of the simple carnivorous nature of their kind. If one of them is slain there is a 25% chance the other two will flee, otherwise they will fight to the death. Keep in mind that there is potential for them to be awakened by other events taking place in the area, loud noises or combat for some reason will cause them to alight and seek out the potential prey.

The secret south chamber was at one time a great treasure room, but it has been ransacked. Strewn about the chamber is a collection of opened and broken chests, torn sacks, and mostly broken pottery (although a pot can be whole if needed). There is one box, a small one, that is laying on its side and unopened. If picked up and examined it will be evident that the box is both locked and filled with something. The lock (Thievery DC 25 to unlock) is trapped with a poison needle (Thievery 30 to notice and disarm). A character to attempts to unlock the box or fiddle with the lock, or even turns it wrong, will spring the trap. It will make a +10 reflex attack which will strike with Dark Toxin which may cause considerably problems at the wrong time. The poison is magically refreshed so it will never be exhausted unless it is broken. Inside the box is only a fist full of copper coins (d100) and a Potion of Healing.

If the Dungeon Master feels the rewards of the area are not equal to the danger then they may place a parcel of treasure in the bottom of either pool, which being dirty will be a DC25 perception to locate.

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