Tuesday, June 29, 2010


(it really cheeses me off that pictures are such a bear to work with on blogger!!!!)

The convention was quite nice but I ended up bringing home another hundred miniatures to paint!

I took about fifty pictures and picked out this handful to share with you loyal readers. I'll illuminate on the picture as I remember. This one right is the Song of Blades and Heroes / Splintered Light booth. Their 15mm figures are really nice and the many they had on display were great to look at. I wanted to buy some but ultimately didn't have the money.

The ubiquitous boffer weapons. This was Edwyn Armory I think, I might have that name wrong. They make great stuff but it costs more than your butthole.

This is the Wargods of Aegyptus booth and this game looks like fun. I have the rules and have read them but their miniatures are out of my price range. This is their display case and the Titan in the middle is gorgeous.

Elfball, some think its really just a flimsy game reason to build miniature armies for GW's Bloodbowl but I think this looks like fun!

I can't recall the name of these manufacturers but they had tables and tables of great stuff. Again, WAY out of my affordability.

This card dungeon was cool and this company offered a deck of cards to build a 30 second dungeon. The demo showed the deck was very cool and fun but it retailed for 20 dollars and that was a little high in my opinion. My friend demo'd it with me and I'm pretty sure if the price had been closer to ten he would have bought a deck.

Some people demoing Summoner Wars. I didn't, not much into card games although I do play Magic some and a little bit of World of Warcraft.

A very dice wooden tactical model of a ship from Dragonfire. These are very cool if you are into role playing and you need a nice sea encounter.

More from Aegyptus... love the crocodile guys.

And that is it. I spent 60+ hours working security so I only got to play in a dungeon delve by the RPGA and the prize I won there I gave to my friend as he really wanted it. They gave me some nice rewards for all my work but I really missed not getting to do any of the events. By the time I was finished for the day I was either too late or too tired. If you haven't been to Origins and you are in Ohio you should really give it a go, even just coming one day out of the four.

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