Friday, June 11, 2010

The Dead!

I just completed a trade with my friend David and I am now going to have a nice chunk of the undead to command. I have always wanted an undead army and never gotten one... which I don't know why I haven't. I have many other miniatures, scads really, and it is odd that I've never put the energy into building one. Anyway, I have it now and this is what I've got...

In trade I got-
  • 36 Mantic Ghouls
  • 20 Mantic Revenants
  •  2 Games Workshop Varghulfs

I already had-
  • 20 Games Workshop Skeletons
  • 2 Games Workshop Corpse Carts
  • Rackham's The Almighty Crane (at right)
  • Reaper's Talarand, Blackguard (in my flickr)
  • Reaper's Malek, Necropolis Mage (in my flickr)
  • Reaper's Judas Bloodspire (in by flickr)

I also have some odds and ends such as-
  • 9 of Reaper's Skeletal Warriors (from the Warlord line)
  • 8 of Rackham's Warriors of Mid-Nor

I'm not so sure I can make use of it all smoothly, the Warlord skeletons are 28mm and look much bigger than regular GW skeletons or even the Mantic skeletons so I don't think I'll be putting them into the army. I am planning on "pointing it out" for Warhammer and Magic & Monsters. The Almight Crane is so going to be a Wight King it's not even funny. I know he is on a larger than standard base (40mm square) but I don't do any tournament play anyway so this should be just fine. After I'm done building them I'll post the army!


  1. Hi AdeptGamer,

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the Revenants turn out. If I remember them correctly, they look like pretty good substitutes for cairn wraiths.

    I haven't seen some of those reaper minis before, I'll check them out. I hope you'll be getting some pics of the painted minis online in due course ?

    Good luck with the army building, I like the look of that Rackham mini, should make a nice Wight King.

    my WFB blog

    PS. BTW, if you're interested, we're always on the lookout for keen gamers and hobbyists in our Warhammer forum. If it takes your fancy, you can find us here:-

    Warhammer Battle Reporter forum

  2. Thanks for the comment Sigmar. I've run into your blog before while just surfing, it's nice!

    I'm going to use the Revenants for Grave Guard (which is what I think you meant). I really like Reaper minis it just is too expensive to build whole units out of them.