Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Origins is coming

Well if your a convention goer than you know that Origins is rolling out next week and I'll be there as a henchman. I've been attending Origins for about ten years now, maybe a little less, and the larger part of that time I have been a volunteer for GAMA and worked the security at Origins. Since all the people who ran security when I started are GONE now I have been delegated the role of "manager" and I will be working my fat arse off trying to keep everything secure from LARPers, RPGers, board gamers, card players, and every other 'ers' in the world. None of us (meaning I'm an 'er' as well) are inherently dangerous when you get us all together... its just a little like Waaagh! from WHFB.

So I'll try to blog from the convention as I'm taking my computer and a camera. I'll do my best to take some cool pictures and put up a couple cool posts.

We both know that probably isn't going to happen. LOL!

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