Monday, July 12, 2010

I am going to war... hopefully

This weekend is game night weekend. I am fairly certain I will be taking my Lizardmen to war against a Dwarf lord and his miscreant obstructions. I'm not sure what Dwarf lord David will be fielding but I am expecting heavy infantry and lots of hand guns/crossbows. This is what I've put together to bring the hurt...
  • Quetxapopalotl; slann mage-priest with TRANSCENDENT HEALING, SOUL OF STONE, THE FOCUSED RUMINATION, and the items; STAFF OF SORCERY, PLAQUE OF TEPOK, PLAQUE OF DOMINION, and ITXI GRUBS. I know the staff of sorcery isn't going to be used but I had him built this way and I'll just keep it.
  • Cohort of the Turtle: 16 saurus warriors to guard Quetxapopalotl
  • Cohort of the Crocodile: 20 saurus warriors
  • Hunters of Quetxapopalotl: 15 skink skirmishers
  • Cohort of the Raptor: 8 cold one cavalry
  • Stegadon
  • 2 Salamander hunting packs with 4 handlers each
This comes to exactly 2,000 points and I should be able to dominate with magic as the dwarfs will have a paltry 4 dice at most against my six plus one for every spell, and with five spells i can see some major damage being done. I am sure I will suffer horrendous casualties from enemy fire but I am just as sure that my Cold blooded soldiers will hold their line until they engage the enemy and ultimately push through to victory. I am a Pyrrhic general, hoping to avoid casualties but accepting that victory can be very costly and the sacrifice of the plastic soldier does my heart no harm.

As an aside, I can't seem to post comments to my own blog for some reason. So, Stokes, I will be getting some pictures up soon!

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