Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Modeling Tamiya's 7.5cm German Anti-Tank Gun

Not only do I model for war gaming I do so for display. The pictures here are of a World War 2 German 7.5cm Anti-tank gun. These things where feared for their ability to penetrate American armor and the very low profile it presented for counter fire. The kit was in 1/35th (if I remember right) and it was a fairly nice kit to assemble. The gun will swivel on the chassis and elevate as well, though not much. it could be assembled either deployed (like shown here) or with the stability legs hooked up for towing so you can add it to their half-track kit and make a model in transit.

When I began this kit I wanted to build a diorama to go along with it and looked into various scenic materials and finally settled on an urban scene but I wanted an unusual urban scene. I thought it would be interested to have the gun and crew set up to appear to be firing from within a building that had been devastated by bombing or other cannon fire. I wanted debris everywhere like it had been hit hard and in my mind I though the gun crew though to use the few remaining pieces of wall as camouflage and cover combined.

The brick is another Tamiya brick wall kit arranged to look blown through. Someone commented that the right (your left) wall looks hokey because it just slants up but I've seen a lot of pictures like that so it seemed fine to me. The base is a thin piece of foam board with boards cut into one side and totally scraped off the other. The asphalt is a product by Hudson & Allen called asphalt which was pretty suit to use. A little water and a Popsicle stick and it looked like old cracked asphalt, very nice if a little costly.  The debris is also Hudson & Allen, pre-packaged debris with scraps of piping and wall paper all mixed in; the entire lot was coated in a glue that all you had to do was spray it with water to get it to stick. This was a neat idea that truly only half worked but it was easy to finish attaching.

I enjoyed building the model and it took me quite a while. I tried to make it as historically accurate as I could and the only mistake I'm clear on is that one of the gunners is missing his gas mask canister. I'm not sure how I missed it or where the hell it went to but it's gone, so he will just have to suffer through the smoke.

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