Friday, July 9, 2010

My Dead Plans

Well, I'm feeling myself enter into full on army building mode. Which is nice, I've been very distracted and haven't got to model like I would like so it feels good to bend my focus back to the hobby I love.

My CSA army is nearly finished all I need to do is put some green flocking on the stand's bases and they are good to go. I will have two historical periods covered then; World War 2 and American Civil War. I'd like to have an ancients hunk done too and might go with Greeks and Persians mostly because I have some already. I also would like to get something done with Napoleonics but I dunno, I'll get there.

On the fantasy front I've begun a Vampire Counts army. I am planning a 1,000 point army first and will build from there. Currently my plans are;
  • Vampire with biting blade and avatar of death
  • Necromancer
  • 20 Skeleton warriors with command
  • 20 Crypt ghouls including a crypt ghast
  • Corpse cart with a lodestone
  • Spirit host of 3 bases
  • Varghulf
...this comes to 998 points. Everything is together and a couple of the units is done already. I'm going to be using a necromancer and vampire figure I have already painted. They are reaper (one's from Warlord) and mounted on 1 inch round bases which will be to some players but it won't bother me. I like having the character's on round bases since reading Martin Hackett's work, it feels good to have the character stand out like that. I've got the spirit host together and on a base, just not finished. I'm using GW's Army of the Dead from the LOTR line, I like them much better than their official spirit host and I was able to build three bases from half a box for only 16 dollars, as opposed to the 45 it would normally cost. Three figures per base so I also have a finished ghostly dead warrior to use for skirmish gaming, or perhaps as a vampire with the ethereal trait, who knows.

When I get the army finished I will post pictures of it on here, and then hopefully a special battle report!

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  1. How about a few photos of those ACW and WWII units? ;-)

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    Stokes Schwartz