Monday, July 26, 2010

Song of Blades and Heroes: Two Warbands

Okay, so, I haven't been able to blog much or game much of late BUT I did have the time to use Ganesha Games' handy little utility to build a couple of warbands from old Mageknight models. I'm sure you'll recognize a few of the models here.

First up is a war band with and undead theme. There is...
  • ROGER the Vampiric Draconum: 106 points; Q3; C2; Flying, Necromancer, Terror, Undead
  • Elf Hunter (x2): 38pts; Q4; C3; Lethal vs Elves, Shooter-Medium, Stealth
  • Marsh Zombie (x3): 21pts; Q5; C4; Poison, Short Move, Slow, Swamp Walk, Undead
  • Troll Zombie (x2): 26pts; Q5; C5; Savage, Slow, Undead when building it I tried to convey the necromantic bend of what seems to be a vampire lich (dragon thingy) but in all honesty he got his 106 point butt handed to him by my 11 year old son. He didn't cause a single enemy casualty and didn't get one chance to make a zombie. I may need to rebuild him but as it is he is breaking the 33% rule so who knows what I'll do.

The second band is what I feel the nemesis to the Vampiric Draconum, a Guardian Draconum with his multi-ethnic allies. The band consists of...
  • HENRY the Guardian Draconum: 100pts; Q3; C4; Flying, Heavy Armor, Leader, Paladin
  • Elf Archer (x2): 63pts; Q2; C3; Forester, Shooter-Long
  • Dwarf Warrior (x2): 34pts; Q3; C4; Short Move
This is a small force of quality troops, unlike the zombie heavy bad guys. The paladin special rule is nice and all but as I don't usually apply the "Evil" special rule. I might change him to Cleric but he doesn't really look like a cleric to me, maybe Combat Master... I don't know.

So I want to track a campaign with these two warbands and if I get to I'll pass on the excitement!

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