Thursday, August 26, 2010

3,000 points of Lizardmen and a Plan (kinda like fantasy A-Team)

This weekend I hope to get a chance to field a nice fat Lizardmen army against an equally large Dwarf force. With the new rules out and the sudden value of large units I have been fattening up my army with trades off Bartertown. This is what the list is looking like...

Not My Slann
1.Quetzapopalotl my Slann with the focused rumination, higher state of consciousness, soul of stone and unfathomable presence. He will be the battle standard bearer (sun standard of chotec) and his war gear is the cupped hands of the old ones, the divine plaque of protection and itxi grubs (yummy!).

2. "Walks on the Dead" a saurus scar-veteran on a cold one mount with light armor, a shield, the aura of quetzl and a biting club (biting blade).

3. "Slitter of Throats" a skink chief with a short bow, light armor, the glyph necklace and the burning blade of chotec.

4. "Hand of Quetzapopalotl" a skink priest with level 2 magic, the plaque of tepoc and the staff of the lost sun.

5. "Cohort of the Turtle": 16 saurus warriors with hand weapons and shields, these will be Quetzapopalotl's body guard and will form up with him in a six wide formation. This will be a little awkward as the fourth rank will only have two models but until I can get 4 more of the old saurus it will have to stand.

6. "Cohort of the Giant Crocodile": A horde unit of 40 saurus warriors with hand weapons and shields. Ten wide, four deep, if i understand the rules right this is 30 strength 4 attacks... oh... my...

7. "Quetzapopalotl's Shield": 24 skink skirmishers with short bows and hand weapons. My skinks being the 1st edition plastics they are armed with short bows. I think it is remarkably dumb GW took short bows off the army list and I treat them the same cost as blow guns. Better range but less shots so it balances imho.

8. "Quetzapopalotl's Little Ones": 3 jungle swarm bases, in this case spiders as when I built my army that was an available theme... mine still uses it.

9. "Cohort of the Jaguar": 8 cold one cavalry with haunchi's blessed totem.

10. "Cohort of the Swamp Alligator": 4 kroxigor, one of which is an ancient.

11. "Cohort of the Shelled Hippo": my 1st edition stegadon.

12. "Cohort of the Poison Flame": 2 salamander hunting packs with four handlers each.

This comes to 2,987 points. I know I could squeeze in a few more skinks but I don't have them painted and nearly everything here is. My overall strategy is to form up as this clever diagram built with publisher symbols illustrates... you'll note the characters are not noted because their placement will depend on how my enemy deploys and what he brings. The Slann will be in unit 5 though, that is his body guard. I will likely place the scar veteran with the cold one cavalry at 9 to enhance their battle prowess and the skink chief will likely accompany unit 7, maybe the priest as well although he might tag along with unit 12.

the plan is simple, I'll advance at my leisure towards my stoic foe and pepper them with arrows from the skirmish screen. If/when they are charged they will flee as their reaction, not fire, and allow the enemy to smash into the huge horde of saurus. On the side it is possible I'll get to charge as the dwarfs might stand their ground, which I'll just move them out of the way and let the horde charge.

I expect to receive a ridiculous amount of cannon and missile fire but there is nothing to do but move at it bravely and hope I can soak up the hits. I'm worried the slann won't make it, but with a 2+ ward against range attacks he should and while I know his magic resistance 3 isn't helpful here there might be a bound spell, who knows.

I am hoping to use a pincher attack with the stegadon on my left flank and the cold one cavalry on my right to either slaughter his war machines or smash into his flanks, I am pretty sure he will have a horde of no less than 60 dwarfs. That is going to be hard to break.

I'll have magic superiority but I am not confident in it, I don't really like the new magic rules but maybe they will play well. We shall see.

Well... I am hoping that I will get to photo record this and give you a good battle report. Wish me luck and look to the plaques of the old ones!

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