Sunday, August 8, 2010

For Stokes

This post is really just a picture dump. I've photographed my World War 2 armies and my ACW armies for Stokes :) He asked me to put up some pictures so I have. please keep in mind I am an average painter so you are going to see some very average work here. Nothing like Stokes, he sucks because he is so daggone good! Like Tim, if I could simultaneously hug them and smack them I would. I'm sure they'd understand. Without further blather...

As a note, the ACW are designed for play with Neil Thomas' rules and there are mounted and dismounted stands for cavalry. I have two armies for the 1861 period (early war) and they consist of the following...
    • USA; 6 infantry units, 1 cavalry unit and 2 artillery units
    • CSA: 4 infantry units, 2 cavalry units and 1 artillery unit
As you can see the USA outnumbers the CSA but the south does benefit from more cavalry which gives it some strategic advantage.

The WW2 armies are designed for my own set of rules, Attack On All Fronts, which is really designed through inspiration (ripping off HA!) from WRG rules. If you want to read them you can do so here.. Attack On All Fronts Rules

Stokes is a real inspiration. Following his blog and looking at all the work he's put into his hobby makes me both proud and intimidated. Look at his blog here > Stoke's Blog <


  1. Thank you! Looking over your work I take this is quite a compliment!

  2. I am really happy to see someone playing Neil Thomas' ACW rules. Took us a few turns to get used to the different feel, but they are really great. Manageable number of units per side, too.

    Nice job.

  3. Hey Cameron, thanks for the comment.

    I like Neil Thomas' rules for all those reasons. My friend and I play them and there is a good feeling to the flow of the game.