Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Vampire Counts

Okay, the accompanying pictures are of my recently completed 1,000 point Vampire Count army. It is composed of Games Workshop and Mantic figures and I have the models and plans to expand it to 2,000 points (or perhaps even 2,250 or 2,500). Forgive the photos, they aren't the best, but I'll take better ones later. Without further ado and in no specific order...
The Varghulf, Kestral's brother Matthias. Giving in completely to his Vampiric nature he has become a fearsome beast and terrible foe. I have hopes of using this as a flanking model counting on its speed to launch a surprise attack. My only questions is... why doesn't it fly?

"Danikan's Chariot" is a corpse cart that the necromancer below sometimes rides into battles, but mostly he allows an undead minion to drive. I love the corpse cart model but it is a MONSTER to paint! And, oddly, as 8th edition rules classify it as a monster it gets a stomp attack. I plan to place this right between my infantry blocks so it's lodestone benefits both and the Miasma of Deathly Vigour can be used where needed.

"Kestral's Revenant's" the remains of Kestral's original house servants they are now a shadow of their former selves. These are Mantic miniatures and I like them a lot. A small criticism would be that there are actually only two figures and they don't fit together so easy. But I made do and they look okay I think.

Danakin VonTrier, a necromancer in service to Kestral and at one time the house mage. His youthful appearance is tied to the variety of magics he uses to preserve a human visage to best serve Kestral in more delicate matters. He will stand directly behind the skeleton regiment to revitalize them with his Invocaiton of Nehek. If the enemy gets too close he'll take cover in this body guard.

"Danakin's Guard" formerly the house guard of Kestral's house they now serve the purpose of a primary attacker and guard to the necromancer. Originally I counted on the increase in saves by the parry rule but the new parry 6+ ward save might be just as good. I'll know when I play.

"The Honored Dead" are the ghostly summons of Kestral's elite guard. Their skill so impressed the vampire that he saw to it with Danakin's help that they would never leave his service. In battle these lovely ethereal sweets will be a flank guard. These are Lord of the Rings Army of the Dead figures, three per base on card. I don't like the regular spirit hosts and this was muuuuch cheaper.
A picture of the entire army.

Kestral Kriegspieler, once  noble hero, now a dark villain. He is the army general obviously and when the army grows he will remain only a hero and a sub commander. In this incarnation he is armed with a Sword of Battle granting him another attack. His only vampire power is Avatar of Death which gives him the armor and shield he should use to survive. As far as vampires go he is fairly weak but I wanted to invest more in troops than characters. He will stay behind the ghouls using his magic to support them and then enter the fray through this unit when the time comes.
I am very happy with army overall. I used a few different painting techniques, such as I dipped the ghouls but dry-brushed the skeletons. The corpse cart was sooooo hard to paint. I normally assemble a model completely before painting it as I'm more of a battle field paint job guy but dag gone that was a hard one to do it with. AND I HAVE ANOTHER! Already assembled >foreheadslap<... I'll just have to make do.


  1. Good Job,
    nice background story to. Those Mantic ghouls are nice a pain to rank up though. As I'm still stuck at WFB 3rd edition do ghouls skirmish in 8th or are they ranked up up?

  2. Thanks for the compliment Jon!

    At the moment they rank and file up as the 7th edition of the book is used for now with an FAQ. I hope they move them back to skirmish BUT at least right now they have the rank bonus which they need with the undead rule. In 6th they were living models.