Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Warriors (double post part 2)

Okay, posting with Blogger really messes with me so I'm sure this will be part 2 THEN part 1, but you can figure it out I'm sure. Waaaay back when I was around 15 I bought a box set of Ral Partha models and I no longer remember the name of that box set. There were either 10 or 12 models and they were all fighter types. A little fold out pamphlet that came with the box game a short history of each fighter and a few game stats, but I'm not sure to what game. I recently pulled their slightly damaged forms from my bin and got the urge to paint them. Bear with me while I impose them on you... or don't... you can always go read the news...

First up is a piece I refer to as a "Cleradin" because he would make a good cleric or paladin. I love clerics and this piece would clearly be a cleric for me. He is armored to the teeth and has a nice big honkin' steel mace. Good stuff!

Next up is some dude wearing armor that looks like a lion. It has lost a lot of it's detail due to age and handling but he seems to convey it well enough. I'm sure his left army is supposed to be showing off his wicked claw gauntlet but instead it looks like he's saying Hi. I painted the tang and blade of his sword green to set it apart but I'll go back later and do something with it.

Now we have a figure I call a gladiator because he has all the trappings of just such a fighter... and he's not wearing any underwear. I have never painted a scrotum until I painted this and I hope never to paint another. It was awkward. He's got a nice chopping sword and a gauntlet/dagger/shield combo that will be very handy I'm sure. He seems to be pretty chaos looking so maybe he's a chaos gladiator... who knows.

Next is a figure I refer to as Skull Warrior. he is garbed in some serous chain and plate with a nice tabbard... and lots and lots of skulls. I decided to make them a stark white like they were enameled or lacquer and ready for a new fight. He has a very threatening looking two-handed sword and looks ready for some bussiness.

Last is a figure that is really bad in the picture but actually looks better in person... he's just not photogenic. I refer to him as a lizard warrior, or snake warrior, because he seems to be a gladiator with a suit of themed armor and a barbed flail (so like fangs... get it?). Well he didn't paint up well but he would be a fun piece to play with.

These are all true 25mm and they are kinda sweet to add to my other 25mm. I think these would like nice in a SBH war band or as heroes in Hackett's M&M.

Hope you like them :)


  1. Nice Work. The box set was called 10-414 Warlords and done originally when RP put out Chaos Wars.

  2. Thanks for the compliment :) And thank you even MORE for giving me the name of that box set! I looked for it like crazy and couldn't find it.

  3. What neat bunch of old Ral Partha figures! Kind of makes me want to dig out mine from the early 80s and have a go at finishing some of them. Yours look mighty darn good.

    Best Regards,