Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Vampire Counts... beat pretty bad.

Forgive the picture-less post, I try to put some eye candy on every post even if it isn't original eye candy. Well hell I'm sure I can come up with something give me a minute...
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 ...there we go.

So I fielded my freshly painted 1,000 points vampire count army. It is light on magic items (only a biting blade for the vampire general) but heavy on units. I misread the rules for magic with the vampire and gave him ONLY invocation of nehek which might of made a difference... but probably not.

Matthew, my friend and first time player of Warhammer, was furnished a dwarf army by another friend who I hope bursts into flame right now. It consisted of two HUGE blocks of dwarf warriors with great weapons (30 and 40 in count), a dwarf cannon with a couple runes (including the flaming one), an organ gun and a rune smith with nothing but three runes of spell breaking. It is evident he designed the army to defeat vampire counts, which I really wasn't upset about then but will get even with him for later. An astute mathematician will quickly notice that is more than 1,000 points of dwarfs, I didn't notice it then but I don't think that would have mattered.

I deployed with my corpse cart center, to it's left the skeletons with the necromancer behind and to its right the ghouls with the vampire behind. On the left flank was the varghulf so the skeletons could march, before the varghulf was the spirit host. He deployed the organ gun between the two blocks with the rune smith in the smaller of the two and the cannon way back on my left flank.

Well I don't want to drag this out too long so the short is that my vampire counts smashed themselves upon the rock of dwarfs and shattered. It was a slaughter although I have maneuver superiority. I was only able to slay 4 dwarf warriors, 2 organ gun crew, and run off the crew of the cannon. I lost all my skeletons, all of my ghouls, and my spirit hosts and my necromancer blew his own mind with a double sixes casting of invocation. Matthew did not need to move at all, it was terrible. The high toughness of the dwarfs reduced my many strikes to few injuries and he was blessed with his saving throws while I was the opposite. The great weapons made swift work of everything. What a terrible mess.

With time to consider my mistakes were many. I was really very foolish to throw my undead head long into the dwarfs. I should have made sure a flank charge was set up to neutralize the rank bonus so I didn't loose so many to combat resolution. I literally lost the entire ghoul unit to axe and combat resolution in one turn... to a dead man.

Well next time I hope to play them better. I need to get my other 16 ghouls painted up so that I can field a nice horde of them, get my grave guard in the fray, and get that other varghulf and corpse cart on the table.


  1. Bad luck,
    undead armies take some real skill to use. Dwarves not so much. I remember having a similair experince against an ogre kingdoms army with my old VC army. Not pretty.

  2. You absolutely need to have the Raise Dead spell to make Vamp Counts work. You need to raise units of zombies to attack the flanks (and rear if possible) of units to deny the rank bonus. This also means you need to have a "zombie pool" of extra models to summon. I have a pool of 40 models that almost always runs dry by the 4th turn of the game. Remember zombies are cheaper to raise (free with a successful spell cast) then they are to spend points on (4 points?), points that can be spent on extra necromancers to help make those zombies!
    But nearly anytime you play against a enemy tailored to beat you, while you play with a more balanced force, of course you will lose.
    Of course the cheating and taking more then their alloted points helps too...

  3. @Jon: I will readily admit I was an unskilled vampire general there. That was the first time I had played them and I have played lizardmen at length. So I played VC like lizarmden and got my just reward. :)

    @Nick: I have NO zombies and I need to rectify that. I'm waiting for the Mantic zombies to launch and maybe drop a $50 bill on a hunk of 60 of them. I don't think they were cheating with the extra models but it was definitely and anti-vampire army. Which, I guess if the dwarfs knew I was coming was fair enough.

    As an aside, I built this on 7th edition rules. I think I'll adjust the points to 1,250 and pump up both the vampire and the necromancer with some magic.

  4. Are you interested in some used Vampire Counts to add to your force? I have a small force I am trying to sell so I can buy a copy of the new rulebook.

  5. I could be Nick, why don't you send me an email at and maybe we can work something out. Or, if you're on Bartertown I am "kingarthur" on there.