Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Vampire, New Necromancer, New Plans

Okay so I think the key to my loss, well the SECONDARY key (beyond I used no zombies or Raise Dead spells to bring them in) was that my characters were too weak. I focused on infantry, which is fine, but my vampire and necromancer were really no threat.  So I think I'll fatten the points to 1,250 (I like to jump in 250 points blocks) and do this with the army list...

Vampire with walach's bloody hauberk, charmed shield, infinite hatred and super natural horror.

Necromancer with staff of damnation, seed of rebirth, and an extra spell (giving him two).

The skeleton regiment of 20 will be given the standard of hellish vigour so they can range from the vampires in the army.

The crypt ghouls, corpse cart, spirit hosts, and varghulf remain unchanged. This leaves me with 95 points to work with though, so, I was thinking either I can fatten up the crypt ghouls with another 10 models and a ghast which I could turn into a horde OR I could add another necromancer, or a wight king. Lots of options in 95 points.

Let me know what you think!

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