Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh a thought is growing in my mind...

So, on my work bench (old Sportcraft pool table) at this moment is...

  • 20 saurus warriors
  • 5 terradons
  • 20 saurus warriors with spears
  • an elf hott army 15mm
  • a goblin hott army 15mm
  • and a few odds and ends
I have trouble focusing as you can see and recently a thought has been growing in my mind. I like my Vampire Counts models and the army I'm building. I am not pleased with it's performance thus far but half a dozen battles do not a judgment make. I love my Lizardmen, love 'em to death, and I'll always have them and always play them.

But... well... let me digress...

My humble beginnings
... I started Warhammer with the 5th edition starter set which also launched a new figure line for Lizardmen and Brettonia. I got my ass kicked senseless for the entire first year I played this game because I was not only the only Lizardmen player, I WAS THE ONLY NON BRETTONIAN PLAYER. It was insane how many knights I had to fight against. Everyone had them and I was pretty poor then so all I had was the contents of two starter boxes for the longest time (I traded my Brettonians for more Lizardmen). My wife got me the Slann to general my army, a really big purchase for us at the time, and it changed everything and has ever since. I still use the same saurus warriors and same Slann model to kick ass, and ass they do kick muchly.

Well, I've had models for about half the armies pass in and out of my hands several times. I have lots of loose models from just about every army and I've also always wanted a HUMAN army. With Warhammer we're looking at Empire and Brettonia, right? Well I had an Empire army pass through my hands twice and neither time could I really tool up to paint them. So I kinda put aside wanting a Human army, stumbled into a Vampire Counts army and went with Undead Humans.

Then I saw this...
Imagine you hear a choir, kay?
... and things have changed in my mind significantly. This is one of the coolest units I have ever seen in fantasy war gaming. The idea of a troop of pilgrims carrying the remains of a knight into battle with them is killer. Reading the rules for it makes it a must have on my list of things to own and paint before I die. Now everyone basically builds their arm around one thing; a theme, a model, a color scheme and so on. This is why I will build a Brettonian army. Not expediently mind you, I'm not gonna go run out and drop the hefty price of $88.20 on the unit I have in mind (the Reliquae with 18 pilgrims) which is only slightly over 200 points.

But... it has grown in my mind and I will have to build an army of Brettonians. I'm thinking this is psychological since I've always felt a little bit like I missed out on the Brettonian craze of 5th edition. Maybe the Grail Reliquae is representative of that and it will please some deep psychological need to assemble, ;)

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