Friday, September 3, 2010

Okay okay okay... so I made a mistake

New rules for building armies means I'll make errors, so here is what I've decided will be my 1,250 points Vampire counts army AND the 1,250 points Lizardmen army to oppose them!

I have a lot of Lizardmen models and wanted to pick a balanced force for them, as I wanted to do for the Vampire Counts. I find I like balanced forces which often means I don't like winning.


Well, the plays the thing they say, except last time I played I lost so bad I made an ass out of myself. I think that is probably just a normal danger of being a war gamer.

The lizardmen list...
  1. saurus scar-veteran on a cold one with light armor, shield, biting mace, and aura of quetzl; a suitable general figure to lead the army. If necessary he can get stuck in pretty solid and bring some hurting himself.
  2. skink priest with a hand weapon and the staff of sorcery (and level 2 wizardry); having played 8th edition a few times now I think he'll be able to throw out some good spells and will need the dispel assistance of the staff.
  3. 20 saurus warriors with hand weapons and shield; I dig the 6+ parry save more than the old increase in save, ward saves are always a chance to survive.
  4. two cohorts of 10 skink skirmishers; screening infantry with short bows that shoot poison arrows always have a use. I know current rules don't allow for short bows with skinks but mine have them so eat it!
  5. 4 kroxigors, one of which is an ancient; I just really dig big hulking monsters!
  6. stegadon; seriously, did you think this wouldn't be in the list?
  7. salamander with 4 handlers; not much of a threat but I'm hoping the surprise of a shooting flame template will shake up infantry blocks or fry some skirmishers, for only 80 points this is a pretty effective unit imho.
The Vampire Counts...
  1. Vampire with supernatural terror, infinite hatred, wallach's bloody hauberk and a charmed shield; much more combat capable and a solid threat now with a 3+ armor save, 5+ ward save hatred and terror. I will feel more confident with this guy leading to the front.
  2. Necromancer with 2 spells and the staff of damnation; now much more threatening with an offensive spell and a bound spell that allows some close combat in the magic phase, thin the numbers before than can hit back!
  3. 20 skeletons with hand weapons, shields and light armor AND the standard of hellish vigour; now they can flank and don't need to hang out with the vampire.
  4. 20 ghouls as normal.
  5. 13 dire wolves; HA didn't see that coming eh? Got some in trade and these will be a nice unit of war beasts to throw into the enemy.
  6. 3 spirit hosts as normal.
  7. varghulf as normal.

Well, the dire wolves should arrive next week and I'll pit the two armies against one another in a solo game. I'm not sure what solo rules to add to affect the play, if you have any ideas please throw them to me. Also, if you see something I've done wrong with the lists let me know!


  1. Thats alot of Terror for a "small" point game... a dinosaur, a vampire, and a bat monster. but then I don't have the new edition, so I don't know how Terror works now.

  2. Hey Nick, Terror is basically the new Fear. Fear doesn't cause units to flee any more, instead they fight with a weapon skill 1 if they fail the leadership roll. Terror is like the old fear, it can make units run.

    And that is a lot of terror, but as undead are immune to fear and don't run the stegadon's terror is really just anti-terror in this case.

    I feel like I should up grade my blog to "Orange"