Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vampire Counts Plans

I'm gonna build and army yes I am! I'm making plans to expand the 1,000/1,250 point army into a full 2,250 point army and this is what it will look like...

  1. vampire lord on abyssal terror with level 3 magic, dark acolyte, flayed hauberk, sword of battle, crown of the dead and seed of rebirth
  2. vampire with infinite hatred, walach's bloody hauberk, and a luck stone
  3. wight king with the army's battle standard, an additional hand weapon and talisman of preservation
  4. necromancer with an extra spell
  5. 20 skeletons with the standard of hellish vigour
  6. 36 crypt ghouls
  7. 14 dire wolves
  8. corpse cart with unholy lodestone
  9. 20 grave guard
  10. 3 spirit hosts
  11. varghulf
this means I've only gotta paint up my general, another 16 ghouls, the grave guard and touch up the dire wolves that I got in trade to finish the force. The general is going to be the toughest, it's kinda messy and I'll need to do some heavy cleaning and light conversion to finish it. Just wait till you see it!

Oh yeah, this is also a little against the rules as there should be 562 points in core and I've only got 493 points since the dire wolves and the corpse cart, while core selections do not count towards the total core points. I don't care, my club won't care either.

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