Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vampire Counts vs Warriors of Chaos

Forgive me, I forgot to take pictures. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, they WoC were proxy dwarfs and that never makes for yummy pictures does it.

Anyway, it was only a 1,000 point game for my friend to try the WoC and here is a simple break down.

1. I held back for the first three turns of the game trying to weaken him with Winds of Undeath (and make some extra spirit hosts) and Curse of Years. This worked only so so. He had a level 2 chaos sorcerer with Pandemonium and that gate spell that is feared so much. He didn't have the sorcerer in a unit so it suffered a wound from Winds (the only time anything suffered a wound with the exception of the hell cannon). He miscast on the second turn and destroyed his wizard.

2. For the first three turns (the magic dueling) he held back and just bombarded with his hell cannon. He would blast the unit with the vampire and ghouls and I would replenish them, this went back and forth back and forth the entire game.

3. One exciting event took place on my right flank. I charged a unit of 15 chaos warriors with 10 dire wolves, a spirit host (from winds of undead with 2 wounds) in their flank and the varghulf into their rear. The unit suffered 5 casualties from curse of years in the magic phase then failed TWO break tests. With nowhere to flee it was destroyed.

4. The other unit of chaos warriors (same number) was charged by a spirit host and a unit of skeleton warriors. The battle went very poorly and even after a corpse cart charged the flanks they were defeated by the crumble rule.

5. The exalted champion charged the varghulf and the spirit host jumped in. The champion was defeated but when the varghul fand spirit host charged they hell cannon the varghulf was too badly wonded to survive.

When the game was over there were a couple points of discusion...

First: the rule that results in more wounds applied when loosing the fight is kind of bull crap. I can understand and agree with it to a point but there needs to be some changes. I surrounded a 15 warrior chaos unit with a skeleton regiment, a corpse cart and a spirit host. Because I lost the fight by 5 I lost all  three units. It is acceptable the undead side of the fight takes five wounds, but it seems unbalanced they should take fifteen wounds (5 per unit). Also, if there is a necromancer or vampire in the unit shouldn't it take NO WOUNDS as the controlling character is directly impacting the unit. It just seems unbalanced. I cannot win a game with VC b/c fear no longer makes any one run and the attrition is stronger than my magic can compensate for.

Second: why do skeletons have to be shitty fighters? Have they never seen Ray Harryhausen animate one of these buggers? They are fast and deadly, not lethargic and weak. Fragile not flimsy! They should fight at least as well as a human and they shouldn't be so slow.

Well, just my opinions. I'll play them like they are and see if adding a vampire lord with 4 levels of magic helps. Also, maybe throwing in the grave guard might help. But so far, they can't close the deal at all.


  1. My brother plays TK - they're MUCH better at 2k than 1k. Have faith!

  2. Did you count the WoC as being on 1" bases? That goes a ways towards getting more of your guys into combat with you smaller base size.

    WoC is one of the sickest armies in warhammer, so losing to them with anything is not really a surprize.

  3. #Plungingforward... I hope you're right. So far I am becoming fairly disenchanted by them and I'm failing my saving throw.

    #Nick... Actually, no, never even though about that but I had everything in base with him so it was pretty much full head to head. Just the skeletons lacked the WS to close the deal or the strength to get through the armor. 3+ saves with a 6+ parry save was too much. There was actually only two rounds of combat and on the first I killed nothing and on the second I killed nothing!