Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vikings and a Brit...

So if you remember I got a box of Wargames Factory Viking Huscarls from Origins, right? Well I put together four of them and painted them up along with a figure from Vendel miniatures line (now defunct, most of it with SGMM ).

This is the ancient Britan (Briton, Britain?) looking fellow. He actually appears in Martin Hackett's book and I liked the miniature a lot when I saw it. Later when I got it in a trade (and I didn't know I was) I was very happy. I think he'll be a great leader figure in a fantasy or dark age skirmish.
Plastic viking huscarl with a great big axe. The Wargames Factory box has a crap load of options but who could pass up a running axe wielding viking?

Another plastic viking, the shield's not the best but I make no excuses. It's hard to see but he's holding an axe getting ready to split someone's (or something's) head.
Another viking with sword and short spear. Not much on the defense but his chain shirt and helmet will have to suffice eh?
He's BALD, I love that the kit had the option for a bald headed guy. It's hard to see his face but the picture does great presenting what the enemy would see coming at him.


  1. Are these for Magic & Monsters?

  2. They very easily could be as Hackett's RPG rules are set in a dark ages Britain. In the mass battles rules they would all be considered heroes because they are on round bases, but I don't always adhere to that. It is just as likely that you could "rank up" a bunch of guys on round bases as you could square.

  3. I have just started work on my Zulu style Tribal humans for Magic & Monsters.
    I didn't worry about putting my heroes on round bases. They are on the same squares as the rest of the force.

  4. Oooooo is there a blog with these Zulus Nick?

  5. No, nothing yet. Most of them are packed away right now. Maybe once I get things settled in I can start a WIP blog.