Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And now for something completely different!

Or not, more pictures of minis I painted AND something I didn't paint!

First my 15mm Hordes of the Things Elves (and extra)...
Elfses yesss my presciousssss....
I traded for a couple of Alternative Armies Hordes of the Things armies; the Elves and the Goblins. I've got the Elves done as you can see up above and I made a few changes. Firstly I didn't use the plasticard bases provided, they were cut wrong and kinda thin for my taste so I made new ones from balsa wood. Secondly when I glued all three knights to each stand they couldn't base up side by side, which irritated the hell outta me. I've not gotten to play this game yet but I've seen enough to know I'll be moving those buggers together and I don't like having to have a gap between them. So I pulled them off, rebased them and made 3 knights instead of two. I also have Eagle game's Age of Mythology and stole some of the Wadjet to make a flying stand. In all there is a hero (most likely general); a magician; a behemoth; a flyer; 3 knights and 4 spears which is 28 points of units so there is some build variety. These are my first 15mm and they are kinda flimsy in a few places, like the spears, but I still like them.

Also we have these...

What sound does a skink make???
These are from a new department on my blog that we shall call, "paint jobs I stole" but not meaning the style of the paint but the fact that I did not paint them! I got both these units in trade/sale through Bartertown and they came to me painted and sortakinda based. The skinks were very dusty so I washed them and in the process washed off the old basing. I rebased them and the dire wolves and WALA! I had two more units to field. The skinks have only a standard to lead them but I have an unpainted musician I'll get done but I won't likely add a brave, I just don't have any. One of the dire wolves was broken off at the ankle and as they are all on only one foot this was tricky to fix but I did it. There isn't many points here (less than 300 cumulative in both units) but I didn't have either and new models to field is always good in my book. You'll note the skinks are shiny, this is because I am dumb and sprayed them with my gloss clear coat instead of my flat clear coat. Sigh, well, we've all been there and done that.

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