Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm all over the place, roll d100...

So, back when I was a role player collected several rules sets, okay, a lot of rules sets. I love rules and rule mechanics. I'm not a rules lawyer and I feel no need for any game to strictly follow the rules so long as the integrity of the game is maintained. So, if you're playing Dungeons & Dragons and you want players to gain in hit points only the high end of the hit dice, fine, so long as all players get it. The essential integrity of the game is intact, you've just made the players a little tougher on average and since that is a role playing game about heroic individuals doing heroic things I think that's fine. Conan obviously didn't roll a '1' on any of his hit dice.

One of the rules sets I purchased was Iron Crown Enterprises' Rolemaster game.
This is the edition I bought.

This sucker looks so complex and so hard. I was simultaneously intrigued and threatened by the body of rules and their format. No monster manual, so many ability scores, SKILLS goodness gracious SKILLS! I was a Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition player and we didn't have skills.

Well, I sold those off a while ago (which I regret) and I recently obtained a copy of Rolemaster Express which is like a compact version of a three books set. I'm thinking immagonna build some kind of combat encounter game with these combat rules. Rolemaster is famous for its brutal critical hit results, and I have that nicely growing collection of 25mm old Ral Partha's that need something to fight, so they might fight each other Rolemaster style.


  1. I played Rolemaster (and Spacemaster) with some pals of mine. It wasn't so crazy hard once you got going. Not that I'd go back and play it again - but it was sure better than AD&D that I'd been playing before that - as you said - it had SKILLS!!

    It was also totally loads of fun just reading through all the critical hit results...

  2. Yeah, RM is famous for its critical tables. I would love to see them in action. I was an AD&D player and enjoyed it immensely. I know there were a lot of flaws in it but every game has that.